• About Keller & Associates

Celebrating over 45 years in business, Keller & Associates CPAs, PLLC has dedicated itself to building a full service accounting practice, where we understand the business of our clients such as recognizing problems, providing advice and enhancing value.

R.L. Keller founded the firm in 1968. In 1993, Lane Keller acquired the practice and changed the name to Keller & Associates CPAs, PLLC.  Integrity, expertise, and our attentiveness and understanding of the tax laws describe the accounting and tax practice we provide. Our commitment to our clients has enabled the firm to grow and serve over 500 clients annually.

Our Philosophy

Our advice is founded on sound business practices, built on solid ethical foundations, and offered by professionals dedicated to your success.  Investments, estate, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance all have tax repercussions.  Our experience and expertise with the tax laws enable us to evaluate your financial entities to help minimize your tax liability.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants holds CPAs to professional standards.  To maintain their professional licenses they must conform to their respective code of ethics, meet annual continuing education requirements and stay current on changing tax laws.  CPAs have been trusted and competent financial professionals for more than 100 years, helping individuals and businesses thrive in an increasingly complex and volatile financial environment.

The Personal Financial Specialist, CPA/PFS, designation is a CPA with the powerful combination of extensive tax expertise and comprehensive knowledge of financial planning. This knowledge is critical for a client to obtain the most valuable and objective advice on the tax repercussions of investments, estate, retirement, and insurance planning. Our CPA/PFS professionals have the experience, ethics, and expertise to maximize your wealth preservation.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional or CFP® mark denotes individuals who are educated in a variety of financial topics. Our professionals holding these designations must meet annual continuing education requirements and are held to respective code of ethics and a fiduciary standard.  These rules require that an adviser act solely in the best interest of the client, which includes finding the best investment alternatives with lower expenses when possible.  Anyone can call themselves a “financial advisor” without any professional standards or certifications.